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State and Federal Legislation

The evolution of any environmental technology is ultimately determined by the laws governing those technologies. A thorough understanding of those laws and how they could be changed to further technological development is the essential starting point for evaluating the success of any environmental technology entering the market place.

EPS has been involved in the writing and passage of nine bills in the California legislature including the State's landmark recycling and used oil re-refining laws as per AB 939 and SB 546. EPS has also been involved in the writing and passage of federal legislation protecting marine mammals and prohibiting ocean dumping.

Increasingly, administrative agencies are exercising more control over how, when, and whether environmental technologies develop. EPS, therefore, believes that it is essential to develop strategies for moving environmental technologies successfully through agencies which determine the ultimate development and implementation of such things as: conversion technologies, desalination, energy efficient technologies, etc.

The skillset needed to successfully work with administrative agencies includes:

  • Working with agency staff and legislators
  • Interpreting established regulations and advocate for new regulations
  • Building third-party advocacy coalitions
  • Taking advantage of grants and low-interest loans
  • Drafting and advocating for regulatory guidelines

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State and Federal Legislation
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