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Renewable Energy

EPS sees GHG emissions and energy conservation as one of the most pressing issues facing the environment and modern society. EPS has an established history working on renewable energy issues including: waste to energy, solar energy, electric cars, electric car fast chargers, development of California's Hydrogen Highway, and lodging energy reduction use.

Waste to Energy. EPS has a long history of pioneering waste to energy technologies, both anaerobic digestion (AD) and gasification, in California. Working for Los Angeles County EPS helped write legislation and engaged in stakeholder outreach advocating for the successful inclusion of gasification produced energy into state law ( AB 1126). EPS has also worked on: developing state policy to ensure that energy produced through AD technologies qualified as renewable energy in the state; and that ethanol produced from Mixed Solid Waste qualifies as California renewable energy.

Solar Energy. EPS represented BP Solar in establishing an all solar housing development in Sylmar, California north of Downtown Los Angeles, along with creating solar energy for the Los Angeles Convention Center and the City of Santa Monica.

EV Fast Chargers. Representing JFE Engineering, EPS worked on developing a market entry plan for the Company's EV Fast Chargers capable of providing a 50% EV charge in 10 minutes.

Electric Cars. EPS developed a marketing and outreach plan for Coda's all electric cars.

Hydrogen Highway. Governor Schwarzenegger appointed Petersen to the development of a Hydrogen Highway Task Force for California.

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