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Environmental Stewardship

Successful representation of environmental technologies and services requires a sophisticated understanding of environmental stewardship and how to integrate it into a business plan.EPS offers this service to its clients.

EPS believes that environmental problems cannot be solved without the participation of the private sector and technological innovations; traditional environmental approaches cannot keep up with expanding ecosystem destruction, species decline, pollution and degradation of our natural resources.

Robert H. Sulnick's, unique environmental credentials include having been an environmental lawyer representing victims in the Bhopal India Union Carbide gas disaster along with residents living adjacent to toxic waste dumps in both Casmalia and Fullerton California; being the President of No Oil Inc., and the co-founder and CEO of American Oceans Campaign (AOC) he played critical roles in stopping on shore and off shore oil drilling in the U.S. As the Environmental Director for the Eight Northern Indian Pueblos and Campaign Chair for the Alliance for Rio Grande Heritage in New Mexico he worked to ensure Native American environmental rights and sufficient water for the Rio Grande River ecosystem. Coupled with his understanding of the legislative, judicial and administrative/regulatory processes, this experience offers clients a comprehensive understanding of how to develop and respond to the issues surrounding environmental technologies and services.

Like Sulnick, Gary M. Petersen has an extensive environmental background which has proven invaluable to clients. He was the Chair of Green Seal, in Washington D.C., Co-chair of the Industry Advisory Board for the Environmental Media Association (Hollywood's environmental organization), a member of the “Greening of the White House” task force, a founding board member and Chair of the Mountains Education Program, co-founder of the California Resource Recovery Association, a founding board member of the National Recycling Association, founding member of the Cousteau Society, Heal the Bay Board member and was instrumental in establishing USA Green Communities a nonprofit working with California cities to improve their sustainability practices and reduce green house gas (GHG) emissions.

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