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Coalition Building

We believe that companies/clients who deal solely within the existing formats and processes of regulatory agencies and legislatures, without an "outside" strategy, are operating at a marked disadvantage. It has been our experience that coalition advocacy offers clients this kind of necessary outside strategic approach.

It has been our experience that coalition advocacy (including media relations) offers clients the kind of "outside the box" strategic approach capable of breaking through the otherwise insulated behavior. In other words, coalition advocacy creates the kind of third-party "spotlight" on behavior capable of assisting the emergence and development of environmental technologies.

Throughout the years, EPS has successfully created and run diverse coalitions including environmental organizations, businesses, NGOs and government in favor if its client's environmental technologies and practices. Exemplary of this was

  • The coalition we put together for the passage of California's re-refined used oil law (SB 546) consisting of the Sierra Club, Californians Against Waste (CAW), the Western States Petroleum Association (WSPA), the California Chamber of Commerce, Evergreen Oil and independent oil producers.

  • Orange County Water Independence Sustanabitly & Efficiency (OC WISE) a coalition advocating for the development of all forms of local drought proof water for Orange County including: conservation, wastewater recharge and recycling, stormwater capture and seawater desalination. OC WISE membership among others consists of: League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC); California Business Federation ( Biz Fed); William C Velasquez Institute (WCI);Orange County Young Democrats (OCYD); Orange County Black Chamber of Commerce; Chapman University Democrats; Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce; Cal State Fullerton Democrats; Association of California Cities Orange County; Millennials for New Water (UCI); Poseidon Water; Building and Construction Trades Council; South Orange County Economic Coalition and the Orange County Realtors Association.

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